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I have been re-evaluating how I use my blogs, and have been neglecting this which used to be my main blog.  I also have a PhD blog and a wellness blog.. I am signed up to Bloglovin’ to find others (you can also follow me on Bloglovin’

Advent calendar of archive images

I have set myself a challenge to find lots of lovely open archive images this month, the ones which are freely useable for personal blogs and public domain.  The reason for this is that I love to explore archives, and it’s always nice to do a topical blog post or two, in this case (similar to the unconventional advent calender I did last year) I aim to post (and remix) images which I find online in archives such as Europeana and the British Library Flickr sites throughout december.

Archives are to be treasured, a great research tool in which one can easily while away hours.. start looking and you never know what you might find!

eyes looking!

eyes looking for treasures

Mozfest Makes- fox runs the world!

Today I learned how to make an animated gif, using Europeana public domain images in a great #mozfest workshop … my inspiration for this is obviously that Firefox rules the world 😉

I have never made an animated gif from scratch before, yet this makes it easy.  Would you like to make your own?

Here are the sourcefiles:


Enjoy playing!

Nextbike goes East- a day out on the Innertube

I am guest blogging for the Nextbike Glasgow unofficial Facebook fan site this month, keeping a blog of my Nextbike travels. Here was today’s adventure.

30 days of biking and more

This month I am guest blogging for the Nextbike unofficial Facebook page, as a big fan of the bikes I thought it would be fun to respond to a request for a Nextbike diary blog so for the month of September I am writing about my adventures.

Today (September 1st) I had a meeting in Edinburgh, and I thought I would take the WeegieWheels for a wee trip to the East. There is normally plenty space on the Scotrail Edinburgh Glasgow trains for bikes during non peak times, so getting the bike to have a little holiday for the day was easy. Picking up my bike at Queen Street station I headed in to buy my ticket and ponder the best route to the platform. I forgot there are wide gates for bikes and buggies! On Scotrail Glasgow- Edinburgh trains there are special areas for storing bikes, marked on the…

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An exciting project for the next two weeks…

Not that what I do isn’t normally exciting (it is!) but I am particularly excited to be part of a collaborative pop up media centre called Citizen 2014 over the next few weeks.

As you can see from the Citizen2014 website, a number of partners (Digital Commonwealth, University of the West of Scotland, Somewhereto_, Beyond the Finish Line, Mind Waves, The Media Trust, Third Sector Lab and the Big Lottery Fund) are all working together on this project to encourage citizen journalism during the two weeks of the Commonwealth Games activities.  It’s brilliant to be able to be part of a team of enthusiastic digital media ambassadors who want to bring out the stories of all the cultural and community activities around Glasgow 2014 and share their skills and show other people how to do this.

As well as my usual role as educational coordinator for Digital Commonwealth (where for the next few weeks I will be working with the Citizen 2014 team, where will all be planning and running our citizen reporting activities) I will also be running a series of free digital workshops (bookable online, or in person at Beyond the Finish Line) as part of the project:

  • Love postcards- make an animated postcard to send to someone you love, or tell the world what you love about Glasgow (using Mozilla Thimble)
  • Newspaper remix- find out about all the events ‘on this day in history’ in the Commonwealth, and tell people your news of what you have been up to by creating a digital newspaper using Mozilla Thimble
  • Commonwealth building sketching- Try your hand at some sketching of Glasgow architecture on paper, then experiment with making your sketches digital (using paper, pens and some apps)

I am so happy to be involved in all of these activities and hope to see you at 7 Trongate and taking part in the #citizen2014 conversations.  Perhaps I am being a bit ‘cheesy’ in my closing statement, but, to use the statement which I have seen all over the city recently, ‘Bring it On’!