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Fun at the festival of museums

This weekend it has been the Festival of Museums throughout Scotland (and Museums at Night throughout the UK). We had a great time yesterday (May 17th) on an architectural art bus tour organised by the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, and hosted by Dress for the Weather architects. There is currently an exhibition at GOMA by Nathan Coley, using the architectural form of places of worship in Edinburgh to form a dramatic model landscape, our tour was inspired by this and we visited two religious buildings in the South Side of Glasgow (Glasgow Gurdwara and Govan Old).

I have included a taster of some of the sketches and models in the video, but I am looking forward to seeing them all on display in GOMA together.

Bodh Gaya

Celebrating World Heritage Day

Today is World Heritage Day, a day organised by UNESCO to celebrate global international heritage. This got me thinking about places which I have enjoyed visiting which have an official world heritage site designation (individual country designations can be seen on the UNESCO website)

I compiled a Flickr set of photos from visits in the last year or so, including UK and Indian sites.

Clubs, societies and organisations- people and cultural planning

window with posters

Window in a community cafe with a call for events (Edinburgh, Forest Cafe, Tollcross)

Today’s unconventional advent calendar for 9th December is all about clubs, societies and organisations going on within an area, featuring a notice board in Cove and Kilcreggan in rural Argyll.  Virtually every area will have local clubs and societies for any type of subject, from sports to literary events to music and heritage, long established and part of a bigger organisation or perhaps small and informal and entirely independent.  People are a big part of cultural planning, they are cultural planning assets.  Whenever I go on holiday I tend to gravitate towards the small cafes and end up picking up lots of leaflets to have a nosey at what is on (libraries and parish notice boards are a good source of information too, and tourist information centres).  I have ended up going to fascinating events by serendipity taking a role, happening to be in the right place at the right time and chatting to someone or seeing a stray flyer.  Of course, internet research is good too.. but when you’re a cultural planner on holiday it pays to hang out in lovely little community places, for people watching and good coffee, and pop up events may just be coming your way.   Bike tag, anyone? Pop up street food market?  A community choir in a reclaimed warehouse arts space?

Islington Mill

My other unconventional advent calendar entries here.

Playing with You Tube capture

Today I have been playing with You Tube capture, an app I only recently downloaded (most of my video editing has been done in iMovie or Premier Pro, with the odd session of Final Cut Pro thrown in for good measure).

I find that although you can only do a minimum of editing with the app, it is good for stabilising the video and also trimming the clips. It is also quick to upload via wifi, and you can add the main details such as titles, keywords and privacy levels. It also lets you share directly from the app, which could be handy for quick sharing. I used my iPad mini to record an unlikely Edinburgh Tourist attraction, the great glass elevator in Waverley Station. This gives you a handy panoramic shortcut to get to street level from the station concourse. Not the most conventional of tourist attractions, but worth a look!

Are You Here- An Exhibition Documentary

This is a short video on the recent art exhibition I had at Gladstone’s Land, Edinburgh. It was filmed by Bad Monkey Films, and shows the installation process, opening night event and a short introduction to the project featuring comments from some of the attendees.

Exhibition- Are You Here, Gladstone’s Land Gallery, Edinburgh

I am currently showing my latest work at the Gladstone’s Land Gallery, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh (on the Royal Mile).  The exhibition showcases some of the illustration work which I developed from my genealogical travels, and also a preview of my e-book which accompanies the exhibition.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope to see you here… do come along if you happen to be in Edinburgh!


Balloons over Bristol

I am happy to say that yesterday I saw balloons in Bristol, for I have always wanted to see them since I picked up a postcard years ago of the Clifton Suspension Bridge at the time of the balloon festival.  One blog which I follow (Picturing England) had a recent post about this very subject, so now I share my own pictures in delight.  The seagulls seemed to be soaring with them, the early evening light was wonderful.

I am in Bristol to do some research and artworks as part of my current project (which finishes with an exhibition at Gladstone’s Land, Edinburgh on the Royal Mile from 2nd to 7th of July, do come along!).  The project is called “Are You Here” and is a genealogical journey exploring family history, identity and place through illustration and digital media.  I have discovered in family tree research which my mum and dad and I have been doing for a number of years that we had 19th century relatives from Bristol on one branch, and early 20th century relatives, two of whom were artists, in Brighton on another branch.  Castle Park is now sited on what used to be the area where my family once lived.