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Unstable buildings and cultural festivals

Today’s unconventional advent calendar is very unconventional indeed as it is long weekend of cumulative entries.  I may well devise some bonus content later for those of you who might have missed the last two days of usually daily pics and musings.

I was taken by the art featured in the calendar as someone who endeavours to unite art and planning issues; often we find ourselves working with various people who have ideas for new uses for buildings where the previous use has for some reason ceased, and unfortunately there are a lot of examples of buildings which are at risk due to continual neglect and decay.  From a cultural planning point of view these can also present themselves as opportunities as well as problems, there are many innovative examples of property re-use and reimagination.  Our towns and cities are constantly changing, instability can mean an area reinvents itself in various ways.   The Liverpool biennial is the largest contemporary arts festival in the UK (see website), and when I first visited in 2008 the city was the European capital of culture.  Interestingly, Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores Universities devised a methodology for assessing the impact of cultural festivals (download here), covering cultural access, economy and tourism, cultural vibrance and sustainability, image and perceptions and governance and delivery.

amazing art shop in liverpool

Art and architecture, Liverpool

Previous entries for the unconventional advent calendar can all be seen on the UWS Cultural Planning blog where a community of cultural planning practitioners doing the 2013 short course are recording and sharing their reflections and thoughts.

amazing art shop in liverpool

Welcome.. Architectural wanders and art all around us

amazing art shop in liverpool

Art and architecture intertwine, a lovely way to spend my time

What can you see on the way into your town?  Buildings fascinate me.  Spaces and places there to be explored.  Hidden details to be revealed if you look up along a roofline or up at a changing skyline.  I intend sharing some of these finds, wandering with architectural mindfulness is one of life’s great joys.

There is much to appreciate in the world around us.  When we create things we see things in a different way.  Walk around while looking up.. it might surprise you.  Drawing, sketching and photographing the changing environment is a great way to learn more about your surroundings.  Take a different route to your usual one.   Carry a camera.  Sit upstairs at the front of the bus.  Be a tourist in your own town.  You won’t regret it.

This blog is all about sharing what I see in various ways, I hope you enjoy it.  Tell me about some of the places you see too!