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Fun at the festival of museums

This weekend it has been the Festival of Museums throughout Scotland (and Museums at Night throughout the UK). We had a great time yesterday (May 17th) on an architectural art bus tour organised by the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, and hosted by Dress for the Weather architects. There is currently an exhibition at GOMA by Nathan Coley, using the architectural form of places of worship in Edinburgh to form a dramatic model landscape, our tour was inspired by this and we visited two religious buildings in the South Side of Glasgow (Glasgow Gurdwara and Govan Old).

I have included a taster of some of the sketches and models in the video, but I am looking forward to seeing them all on display in GOMA together.

Go Govan!

On Sunday I took a wander around an area of Glasgow which many people do not really know that well.  I spent the day being a tourist in Govan.

The original reason I went to Govan was to see the Glasgow Artist Studios, which are located at 30 Craigton Road (off either Edmiston Drive or along from Govan subway, depending on how you wish to walk there, or the 89/90 buses pass by).  It was the first open studio event which they had held, and a feast of art was there to see and explore, with many works on the wall to admire, but many of the artists were also about on the Sunday so it was good to chat to them about their work.  We enjoyed trying to identify the various Glasgow scenes in some of the preparatory work, played with some modelling material, chatted about the creative work… the Studio website lists all of the artists, who cover such a broad range of work in 2D and 3D.  They also had a wall to add creative things to; rather innovative collage combinations had ensued as a result of an arty party on Friday evening!

Nearby Elder Park was full of life.  It is a beautiful space, and always busy, laid out in 1885 and enshrined in the ship building history of the area.  There are mature trees and well maintained pathways, and (like all good parks) a pond with a swan.  The Elder Park Model Boat Club meet here, we spent a while watching the boats go round the pond and soaking up some October sun.  Sunny Govan indeed.

If you happen to be in the area during the week, pop into Luv Cafe, which is a great community space and has delicious goodies on sale.  Luv gallery across the road is also a great artistic showcase for local talent and exciting projects;.  Luv (Linthouse Urban Village) helps celebrate the architecture, environment and social history of the area and they are based at 1226 Govan Road.

Nearby the Fairfield Ship offices are being worked on at the moment, they are being converted into a heritage centre, community space and offices and the Pearce Institute also offers a fantastic community facility.  A short walk from here is the Pearce Institute (a fantastic community facility) designed by Robert Rowand Anderson, and his Govan Old Church; I was just remarking how I had never been in to see the Hogback stones when we saw a sign on the door offering tours. We could not resist and were rewarded with a peek inside a most beautiful building.  Anyone who is interested in architecture or archaeology should visit.. truly spectacular carved stonework.  As well as the famous hogback stones (which were significantly larger than I had imagined they would be) there are also cross slabs and a sarcophagus.  Little wonder that this is one of the top 50 Glasgow landmarks…a must see.

The new Riverside Museum can be viewed best from Govan; just along from the new public realm (featuring indented stone carved with local historical features, and a fountain complete with whimsical cast iron crocodiles).  You can catch a ferry to the Museum from Govan.. one for a later day out.

Three famous Glasgow landmarks, model boats, artists hard at play, celtic crosses and sarcophaguses (or should that be sarcophagi?)… go to Govan!