Nextbike goes East- a day out on the Innertube

I am guest blogging for the Nextbike Glasgow unofficial Facebook fan site this month, keeping a blog of my Nextbike travels. Here was today’s adventure.

30 days of biking and more

This month I am guest blogging for the Nextbike unofficial Facebook page, as a big fan of the bikes I thought it would be fun to respond to a request for a Nextbike diary blog so for the month of September I am writing about my adventures.

Today (September 1st) I had a meeting in Edinburgh, and I thought I would take the WeegieWheels for a wee trip to the East. There is normally plenty space on the Scotrail Edinburgh Glasgow trains for bikes during non peak times, so getting the bike to have a little holiday for the day was easy. Picking up my bike at Queen Street station I headed in to buy my ticket and ponder the best route to the platform. I forgot there are wide gates for bikes and buggies! On Scotrail Glasgow- Edinburgh trains there are special areas for storing bikes, marked on the…

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