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Staring at diamonds

On a recent visit to St. Annes on Sea my mum and I spent an extraordinary amount of time staring at little metal triangles and diamonds. Why?!? Well, if you look closely you can see the mark of a Glasgow architectural metalwork firm on this seaside shelter. This makers mark confirms that a little bit of the West of Scotland has travelled to the North West of England. For a cultural planner and architectural tourist such as myself, a lovely treat to see a set of bandstand, pavilion, drinking fountain and shelter all in a row. I have also seen this ironwork as far away as Darjeeling in India, and as close as Dumfries where beautiful fountains can be seen, adorned with cherubs, animals and plants (and even full size walruses in the case of Paisley Grand Fountain!). Happy iron spotting!

Bright lights of Blackpool

I recently had a fun time at Blackpool on the Heritage Tram, looking at the illuminations. I recorded this on my iPad and edited it in I-Movie.

The illuminations were quite stunning this year, so many types of installation, from the simple flashing and changing colour strips of light to Dr. Who and Basil Brush (not to mention the spaceship, which used to be an old tram).

With many towns and cities (and villages) currently full of festive lights, I thought it might be nice to share some other shiny lights too!

Romantic stories and cultural planning

Blackpool tower by CrenellatedArts
Blackpool tower, a photo by CrenellatedArts on Flickr.

Today’s unconventional advent calendar includes a wonderful story from Blackpool. I loved seeing the little plaque (featured on the calendar), which is from the Winter Gardens, acknowledging the stories as part of the  character and history of the building.

Earlier calendar entries are listed in a previous blog post.