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A song, a sketch, a video and two prints

I went to the East End of Glasgow to have an explore of that famous place which is “the barras”. For those unfamiliar with this, watch the video and you will see what I mean!

Previous to this visit I did not know about B.A.A.D, I saw a little hand painted cardboard sign up an alleyway and pondered what could be behind it. BAAD is “Barras Art and Design” an amazing place with a pink roof and cast iron columns, a beautiful airy and light space which screams “draw me!”. What a lovely find.  Do look them up; http://barrasartanddesign.com/; 54 Calton Entry.  I enjoyed listening to Tragic O’Hara and soaking up the atmosphere.  Drank Irn Bru and a lovely espresso and chatted to Marie Hay who has a stall there. Her work is beautiful, I bought a print of Paisley Abbey which has such vivid colours and free flowing lines, Paisley has fantastic buildings, well worth a visit.

I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed looking around the antique markets; such treasures to be seen (and bookshelves falling over with the weight of their volumes).  Sweetshops which remind you of childhood penny mix ups. Signs which profess to mend anything and find you parts for the most obscure item.  A treasure.

The Glasgow Bike Shed is another gem, they are an environmental charity, run by volunteers, who offer reconditioned bikes for sale and also space to mend your own bike.  I bought a new (to me) ring ring retro bell, in preparation for my Pedal for Scotland run.. only a few weeks to go so a little present to my bike seemed in order.  Glasgow to Edinburgh… here I come!

On the way back into town paused to look at the beautiful buildings in Gallowgate, there are some beautiful sandstone tenements such as the Meillor building.  The City Council has recently produced a heritage trail about this area, which is fascinating reading.

The Merchant City area of Glasgow is a short walk from the Barras, here I found another art and craft market in Merchant Square.  Met Adrian McMurchie and bought a print, it was so nice to see a selection of his work in one place as I am used to seeing it in the Sunday Herald next to the Food Reviews.  I really enjoy his work as I think it captures the spirit of a place so well.  Decided to sketch one of the buildings in Bell Street, along from Candleriggs, as its curved window was calling to me.

I posted a video on Vimeo of the day, I would highly recommend that you go and explore the Barras and Merchant City yourself and I hope you enjoy my wee slice of the day.  I’m learning to use I-Movie, it is a little flickery in parts, if anyone knows how to prevent this please let me know, but I still enjoyed the result and wanted to share it.

Glasgow East End wander from CrenellatedArts on Vimeo.

Sketching and exploring the architecture and art of the East End and Merchant City of Glasgow.

Video sketching

Philaglasgowia from CrenellatedArts on Vimeo.

Sketching the filming of World War Z

I was out yesterday and was sharing my fascination with the changing streetscape with literally hundreds of people. The video shows a few things I sketched, for which I used my new Gorillapod, such a fun invention.

Doing this has made me think about just how much we overlook the ordinary. I suppose if you were from Philadelphia you wouldn’t necessarily think it was amusing or interesting to see yellow street lights and big cars, but set around Glasgow it just seems quite unreal. When I walked through the station I thought “if I was on holiday I would probably draw the station”. Actually, I have sat and drawn Queen Street station before, but that’s beside the point! The gaelic signage and lovely curved roof may seem unusual and interesting, yet thousands of people will go through a railway station every day and not give it a second glance. Drawing and sketching connect you with the world around you. They turn the ordinary into the extra-ordinary, ordinary with a little bit of sparkle.

Philadelphia street map on the Glasgow Merchant City map

Philaglasgowia in the rain

Much rain but much fun in the rain today, stood for around 20 minutes balancing my sketchbook and watercolours whilst trying to keep mostly dry. There are large queues of American cars and the USA today news stands are great! I took quite a few photos and made some quick sketches. The Philaglasgowia maps are great. More pics on Flickr for your viewing!