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What does creativity sound like?

I like to work with music when I am typing.. recently I have been listening to Spotify playlists.  This afternoon I am putting the finishing touches to a proposal which I hope is successful.  I like this playlist called ‘creativity boost’, it has a nice mixture of uplifting, happy and hoppy songs, with some artists which I had not heard until today. What would you put on your playlist?  What does Creativity sound like to you?


A head for heights

Hydro roofwork

Passed “The Hydro” in progress and could not resist a photo of the workers on the roof. This is Scotland’s newest venue, to be used for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and opening for music and events later this year.  There is more information on this building on the SECC website.  I wonder what nickname this building may get, next to the Armadillo, and near to the Squinty bridge?