OMG! So that’s what an endorphin feels like!

I have been a bit silent on this blog recently, here’s blog 2 with bikes.. my challenge. Wish me luck and follow along if you like.

30 days of biking and more

Yesterday was  day 6 of #30daysofbiking and it was a completely different experience. Why? I found out what exercise induced endorphins are! I was at the Scottish Bike Show and went ON THE VELODROME!  This post will have a few capital letters as I set out with the hope of going on the veloddrome, thinking “ach, it will be booked” or “we will probably be too late” or “maybe it’s just for kids, they won’t care about an over enthusiastic overweight adult” or “they will say you’re too fat to ride”.  Negative I know, but I still wore my Irn Bru lucky socks hoping we might get a go anyway.

I had wanted to go on a velodrome since I first went to Manchester on…

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