Cycling in Bristol is an absolute joy

Bell by a tree

Bell by a tree

Cycling is so much fun in Bristol, even despite some of the crazy hills!  It is seen to be the norm here, it is not unusual and as I said in a previous post I feel like a proper Bristolian now I’m on my bike and exploring the city.  Someone even asked me for directions yesterday, I must look like a local now 🙂

Some of the many reasons why cycling here is so much fun:

  • there are cycle lanes on most roads
  • traffic lights have a “cycle” light as well
  • the provision of cycle racks is plentiful (and they are all well used, sometimes you have to go elsewhere to find one, which could be annoying but as a visitor it actually lifts my heart)
  • dropped kerbs are everywhere, useful not just for cyclists but for those with limited mobility and with push chairs; less obstacles to overcome
  • shared bike and pedestrian routes seem to be the norm and are well signposted
  • there is a bike culture (there is a bike cafe, I have seen numerous bike shops and repair centres and even specialist shops)
  • people use bikes for everything.. yesterday I saw someone who appeared to be moving house from the level of what they were carrying (full panniers, guitar on back, basket on front, bag over handlebars), and also someone who appeared to be making some sort of protest carrying a billboard on their back making a comment about something (they whizzed past me so quickly I did not actually get to see what they were about!)
  • the provision of cycle tracks and traffic free paths is extensive
  • there are cycle events (I saw bike tag yesterday and there is a “biggest bike ride” planned in June, which has been running for 20 years)
  • even pop up events have cycle parking (or so it seemed in Queens Square, where there is a food and drink event in huge tents)
  • cyclists are friendly and smiley people here and people of all ages and backgrounds are out and about with friends and family
  • Sustrans HQ is here (an added “nice little sustainable transportation fact”)

“Bring bring”.. my bike bell toots with joy.


  1. James Corner

    If I remember right, down near the docks somewhere (sorry, can’t be more precise) there is a large relief map of the British Isles showing all the National Cycle Network that is worth a look. I believe it is close to the movable sign post that shows you the direction and distance to all the planets, if that helps.

  2. Barbara

    Lots of bikers in Berwick this week (most of whom seem to have asked me for directions to the YHA and/or Ian’s bike shop!) ………. so glad to hear that you are having a great time x

  3. viv blake

    I used to cycle anywhere and everywhere, loaded down with paniers full from Sainsbury’s, or full of comping gear. Those days are long gone, due to fragile bones and dodgy other bits. Nowadays its Nordic poles for me.

    Thank you for following my blog.

  4. maryshoobridge

    Whilst I am not a cyclist, Bristol is now the closest city to where I live when I am not living the Italian life and I have grown to love its waterways, its architecture and its people. I know our Italian adventure has to come to an end, but it is good to have somewhere lovely to return to.

    • crenellatedarts

      the waterways are great, nice pedestrian and cycle friendly ways to explore the city. Cheers for your comment, I enjoy your blog and its spectacular imagery (created in photos and words). Enjoy Italy, and Bristol 😉

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