Balloons over Bristol

I am happy to say that yesterday I saw balloons in Bristol, for I have always wanted to see them since I picked up a postcard years ago of the Clifton Suspension Bridge at the time of the balloon festival.  One blog which I follow (Picturing England) had a recent post about this very subject, so now I share my own pictures in delight.  The seagulls seemed to be soaring with them, the early evening light was wonderful.

I am in Bristol to do some research and artworks as part of my current project (which finishes with an exhibition at Gladstone’s Land, Edinburgh on the Royal Mile from 2nd to 7th of July, do come along!).  The project is called “Are You Here” and is a genealogical journey exploring family history, identity and place through illustration and digital media.  I have discovered in family tree research which my mum and dad and I have been doing for a number of years that we had 19th century relatives from Bristol on one branch, and early 20th century relatives, two of whom were artists, in Brighton on another branch.  Castle Park is now sited on what used to be the area where my family once lived.



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