Video sketching

Philaglasgowia from CrenellatedArts on Vimeo.

Sketching the filming of World War Z

I was out yesterday and was sharing my fascination with the changing streetscape with literally hundreds of people. The video shows a few things I sketched, for which I used my new Gorillapod, such a fun invention.

Doing this has made me think about just how much we overlook the ordinary. I suppose if you were from Philadelphia you wouldn’t necessarily think it was amusing or interesting to see yellow street lights and big cars, but set around Glasgow it just seems quite unreal. When I walked through the station I thought “if I was on holiday I would probably draw the station”. Actually, I have sat and drawn Queen Street station before, but that’s beside the point! The gaelic signage and lovely curved roof may seem unusual and interesting, yet thousands of people will go through a railway station every day and not give it a second glance. Drawing and sketching connect you with the world around you. They turn the ordinary into the extra-ordinary, ordinary with a little bit of sparkle.



  1. pete scully

    Cool! I was in philadelphia last month and almost drew the yellow traffic lights (i love them), but drew a fire hydrant instead (i love them more). I agree, drawing the ordinary and easily missed gives you a deeper connection to a place.

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