The unconventional advent calendar

I’ve been creating an unconventional advent calendar related to cultural planning

UWS 2013 Cultural Planning Course

I have been playing with devising an alternative advent calendar with a daily cultural planning thought, comment or notable bit of news, as I enjoy making web projects and also wanted to continue reflecting on some of the points which were raised in the course.  My project presentation as part of the course was about considering how to use online tools to make cultural planning accessible and understandable to a wide range of people, I felt that using a thought a day type approach was perhaps one way of doing this so I’m experimenting to see what results.  The cards are designed using the Firefox web maker programme, a free online tool which allows you to create various creative and interactive items for the web (templates are provided for you to remix, where you create half of the page in code then watch the result on the other half…

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  1. Leonie Andrews

    Hi Alison
    looks like an interesting project. Unfortunately December 2’s post isn’t showing correctly. It keeps reverting to December 3. BTW I was initially thrown by the UWS tag because in our neck of the woods (bush) that’s University of Western Sydney! Looking forward to the rest of the calendar. Merry Christmas from ‘Down Under’!

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