Exhibition- Are You Here, Gladstone’s Land Gallery, Edinburgh

I am currently showing my latest work at the Gladstone’s Land Gallery, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh (on the Royal Mile).  The exhibition showcases some of the illustration work which I developed from my genealogical travels, and also a preview of my e-book which accompanies the exhibition.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope to see you here… do come along if you happen to be in Edinburgh!



  1. calmgrove

    This looks exciting: you must be thrilled! Sadly, am very unlikely to be in Edinburgh, but I hope it gets an excellent response from the public. Will the exhibition still be running during the Festival?

    • crenellatedarts

      Thanks, it is a wonderful place to have an exhibition as it is a spectacular setting in a historic house, which suits the subject of my work well. I have had visitors from all over the world, very exciting!

      The exhibition is only for one week, so not on during the festival, but I will be posting more photos and also an online gallery with the opportunity to purchase work so you will be able to see it that way too if you like.

  2. Nicola

    Well done! it is looking really great. i’m sad i’m not going to get to see it. unfortunately I just missed you, was in edinburgh 1 week too soon. Congratulations though! xx

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