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So, when I was in Bristol I commented on how much I liked my “bike experience” there, and  a few people (James Corner and Calmgrove, do check out their blogs) mentioned I should seek out the cycle map.  I do indeed rather like it, a 3D view of all of the major cycle routes.

The map is located by the new square, which contains @Bristol and the planetarium; it made me think about the big distances which my family have moved over time, something I am considering for my art project.  How did they get where they were going and why did they go there?  Where have your family moved to or from?  Do you have any exciting genealogical adventures to share?

Bristol to the north of england

Bristol to the North of England

Brighton and beyond

Brighton and beyond

My bike needs to get out, it is feeling sad attached to the railings where I am staying! I have been walking everywhere here.


  1. James Corner

    From what I can make out, my family on my father’s side are from South Yorkshire and South Lancashire while on my mother’s side are from North Nottinghamshire. As I grew up in South Yorkshire, that is hardly a lot of travelling involved. However, my mother’s grandmother came to England from her country of birth (India) when she married a British soldier in the time of the Raj. So that was quite a trip and considering the views of most people at the time, must have been quite unusual and something of a culture shock.

    Glad you found the map by the way and thanks for the link.

    • crenellatedarts

      Thanks for sharing that.

      It’s fascinating when you dig into some of the stories in family history, some true, some you wish were true and other facts which lead you to all sorts of places. I have spoken to a few people on my travels who have always lived in the same place and have their roots firmly there, and others who have come from many different places, throughout the world over generations. It seems many people have a story to tell when I tell them what I’m up to research wise!

  2. anna warren portfolio

    My story is quite a simple one – my fathers’s family were farmers in North Wiltshire, and my mother’s were farmers in the Cotswolds, both for many generations. I went to school in Bristol, and now live in Sydney, having married an Australian over 30 years ago. My eldest daughter is completing the circle by working and living in London!

  3. calmgrove

    Like James, my family tree is rather far-flung. In the late 18th and early 19th century ancestors travelled from Ireland, Scotland and England to serve in the British Army in India. Along the way they married Portuguese descendants in India who had themselves converted to Christianity and intermarried locals. Just before Indian independence and after I was born my parents spent long periods in Hong Kong before we returned to England. At some stage I shall have to write up my memoir so our children and grandchildren will have something to realise that the world is a big and small place at the same time!

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